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Hi , I'm Livie
My blog is filled with the many thing that interests me and make me happy
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People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 

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Anonymous said: What's your major in college?



BTS Last Words


JIN: what a waste of such a pretty face

SUGA: take it from me guys too much swag can kill

V: hey guys watch this no it’s not dangero-

JHOPE: oh my god my heart feels oh my god oh my god

RAP MONSTER: tell….tell Jimin that he has no jams

JIMIN: *coughs* give this to Rap Mon *coughs* *pulls out a jar of jam*

We all know that Jungkook never dies because as the Golden Maknae, he is basically immortal.

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